NailMua: Liquid Gel Experience

So I’m super love with my #pinkandwhite #french #liquidgel #overlay. I got them done at #GablesNails in #Miami. It was my first experience receiving #liquidservice


  1. file & prep nail surface for product application
  2. apply base gel layer
  3. apply builder gel
  4. apply high gloss top layer

As a #nailtech, I’ve had every service, and I must say this #liquidgel is by far my preferred #nail #manicure.


  • light weight
  • more durable than acrylic
  • longer last
  • less harsh on nails
  • no smell

A good #liquidgel #overlay should set you back about $60 for a full set and about $40 for a refill…but defiantly well worth it!

So head over to 1940 ponce de leon blvd, #miami, Fl 33134 to try #liquidgel for yourself!

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